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Warm-Up (No Measure)

High knees

Butt kickers

Frankenstein walks

Sideways jumping jacks left hip leading

Sideways jumping jacks right hip leading

Carioca w/ left hip leading

Carioca w/ right hip leading

Straight Leg Bear Crawl Down (down & back)

Crab Walk (down & back)

Knee rotations (10 per reps/direction)

Hip rotations (10 per reps/direction)

Lateral Squats 10 reps

Dislocates while narrowing grip (20 reps)

Reverse dislocates (20 reps)

Front rack stretch (30 sec R/L)

Slow press & pull apart (10 reps)

Play – Special Delivery (No Measure)

“Grab and abmat”

Everyone places the abmat in one hand and holds it overhead like a pizza. When the game is started everyone will begin running around and trying to knock over everyone else’s pizza. The penalty is 5 burpees for the first drop. On the second drop the penalty is 5 burpees and that person is out of the game. Last person standing is the winner.


Metcon (Time)


Buy in: 400m Run

200 KB Swings (53/35)|(35/26)

150 Box Jump(24/20)|(20/16)

100 Lunges

100 Sync. Sit-ups

100 Lunges

150 Box Jump

200 KB Swings

Cash Out: 400m Run
40 MIN Time Cap