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Warm-Up (No Measure)

High knees

Butt kickers

Frankenstein walks

Sideways jumping jacks left hip leading

Sideways jumping jacks right hip leading

Carioca w/ left hip leading

Carioca w/ right hip leading

Straight Leg Bear Crawl Down (down & back)

Crab Walk (down & back)

Knee rotations (10 per reps/direction)

Hip rotations (10 per reps/direction)

Lateral Squats 10 reps

Dislocates while narrowing grip (20 reps)

Reverse dislocates (20 reps)

Front rack stretch (30 sec R/L)

Slow press & pull apart (10 reps)

Play – Musical Wall Balls (No Measure)

One wall ball less than the number of athletes are arranged in a circle.(on the 2nd round 3 wall balls will be remove) Music will be played and athletes will walk in circle around the wall balls. When the music STOPS, each athlete attempts to sit down in one of the wall balls. cycle repeats until there is only one athlete left in the game. 7 burpees will awarded to the athletes eliminated.

Partner Workout

Metcon (Time)



3000m Row

225 Pull-Ups

225 Sit-ups

225 Box Jumps (24/20)

3000m Row

*Partner 1 works while Partner 2 rests. Complete the workout in order. On the row, partners must alternate every 200m. All other movements can be split any way.

-40:00 Hard Cap-